Easter holidays – an EGGciting travel adventure

Easter transcends borders and unfolds in unique ways around the world. Fill your next holiday with cultural richness, captivating celebrations and some quirky fun as you delve into customs and traditions that mark this holiday across the globe. Hop on board for some fascinating easter rituals to tease your travel taste buds:
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Imagine a sizzling frying pan the size of a car filled with thousands of eggs and loads of cheese. Only in France! This is the “Omelette Géante” tradition in Bessières, near Montpellier, where chefs in white hats toss this massive omelette in unison, culminating in a joyful flip for all to see. Sample a slice and join the festive atmosphere, complete with local music and dancing.


Paint the town red in Corfu – literally. On Holy Saturday, families gather to dye eggs a vibrant crimson, symbolising the blood of Christ and the promise of new life. Easter Sunday dawns with the joyous “Christ is Risen!” proclamation echoing through the streets. Join the festive atmosphere as islanders crack their red eggs against each other, wishing good fortune for the year ahead.


Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying “War of the Madonna” in Monopoli. On Easter Sunday, two processions representing different parts of the town carry statues of the Virgin Mary. As they meet, a thrilling tug-of-war ensues, symbolising the struggle between good and evil, ultimately culminating in a joyous reunion.


Experience a unique blend of pagan and Christian traditions in Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland. On Easter Sunday, bonfires light up the night sky, warding off evil spirits and ushering in spring. Children engage in the fun egg rolling competition, sending their decorated eggs tumbling down hillsides amidst laughter and cheers.


Get ready to get soaked in Budapest! On Easter Monday, a light-hearted tradition known as the “Locsolás” (Sprinkling) takes place. Young men douse women with perfume or water, symbolising fertility and renewal. While some might find it surprising, the tradition is embraced with good humour and laughter.


Experience the Good Friday procession in Dubrovnik, festooned with traditional costumes. In Zagreb, colourful Easter markets burst with handcrafted treasures and delicious treats. Indulge yourself with irresistible Easter lamb specialities and the iconic Pinca bread, blessed by priests for good fortune. Join villagers in lighting bonfires symbolising renewal, or witness the Guardians of the Tomb vigil in Dalmatia – a unique cultural spectacle.


Easter in Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant spectacle of faith and celebration. Witness the “Passos de Cristo” procession, where hundreds dressed in white carry a massive statue of Christ through the streets. The solemnity is later replaced by the electrifying energy of the “Samba de Enredo” competition. Samba schools showcase elaborate costumes, dazzling floats, and infectious rhythms, culminating in a vibrant parade at the Sambadrome.

These are just a few of the many diverse ways to celebrate the Easter holidays abroad. So, pack your bags, choose your adventure, and experience the joy of Easter in a new light!