Supporting start-up businesses in Tourism

The South African travel and tourism industry holds immense economic growth and development potential. After this critical sector was almost decimated in 2020, supporting entrepreneurs in tourism now will breathe life into the tourism sector and ensure its long-term sustainability.
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Young, energetic entrepreneurs are often more attuned to their generation’s evolving needs and preferences and brimming with boundless creativity and fresh perspectives. This infusion of innovation can help the industry adapt and create new jobs along the way.

One such story is that of Karabo Sepharatla and his company, “Camping Khapela”. In the darkest times, opportunity can always be found, and Karabo was well-positioned to reveal his shining star. The harsh restrictions of the pandemic lockdown meant camping had become a first-choice getaway for many, placing him in a unique position of strength. Having gained experience setting up a campsite adventure park in KwaZulu-Natal and inspired by memories created during an extended road trip in Africa, Karabo launched his exciting new camping brand.

Youth-led enterprises tend to prioritise sustainable practices and responsible tourism, and camping is a natural choice for the eco-conscious adventurer. Camping Khapela brings the best of outdoors in Africa to travellers looking for an escape from big city living. This bespoke camping adventure butler service offers clients the ultimate ease of convenience tenting in the bushveld – A unique experience that is a truly hassle-free breakaway. Along with an open mind and a sense of adventure, clients need only bring their clothing. Karabo and his team provide everything else – from transport to accommodation, activities, food and drink.

The dilemmas faced by most entrepreneurs and start-up businesses are financial support and publicity. That is why we focus on supporting enterprises in South Africa’s travel and tourism industry. Camping Khapela is now an Enterprise Development partner of BidTravel, and Karabo’s business is set to soar with this support. In addition to financial support, these camping adventure products will now be showcased to the BidTravel tourism client base – a noteworthy contribution for a small start-up business. BidTravel also sponsors business development schooling for its young ED partners to ensure they have the skills to grow their small businesses. In addition to the cash investment, we also provide strong marketing assistance.

Supporting young businesses like Karabo’s ensures a vibrant and dynamic tourism sector and empowers them to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. Through positive commitments such as this, South Africa can unlock the full potential of its youth and forge a path towards a prosperous and sustainable future in travel and tourism