Wild luxury – Glamping in South Africa

Luxury, refined, boutique or just Glamping – call it what you like, but it's tenting in absolute style! South Africa is a diverse country bursting with natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes, making it the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Pristine coastlines, rugged mountains, bushveld, forests and undulating plains - the choice of settings is all yours. Regardless of your preferences and the size of your pocket, there is something for everyone when it comes to tented glamour.

The extravagant turn-down

For the ultimate glamping experience in South Africa, a luxury safari adventure has to be top of the list!

This option affords the discerning traveller both privacy and exclusivity. They are typically located in private reserves or remote areas, ensuring a secluded and intimate experience. With a limited number of guests, you can indulge in elegance and tranquillity away from the crowds often found in traditional lodges.

Despite being in the heart of the wilderness, safari glamping offers lavish amenities and stylish interiors. Expect spacious and well-appointed tents equipped with plush beds, en-suite bathrooms, private decks, and even a private plunge pool. This blend of comfort and timeless elegance ensures you unwind in style after a day of thrill-seeking.

Sophisticated glamping and game viewing can be found across South Africa, and here is a list of the most popular options:

For the largest choice, look north at the beautiful, tented camps in the Kruger National Park. Options include Langa Langa Tented Safari Camp, Hamiltons Tented Camp, Ngala Tented Camp, Honeyguide Tented Safari Camp – Khoka Moya, Mdluli Safari Lodge, and Tanda Tula.

Image Source: mdlulisafarilodge.co.za

Image Source: mdlulisafarilodge.co.za

Or explore the less-known rugged beauty of the Eastern Cape province, where various game reserves offer a range of glamping and tented camp options. These include Amakhala Game Reserve near Paterson, Sibuya Game Reserve near Kenton-on-Sea, Samara in the Great Karoo, and Gorah Elephant Camp in the Addo Elephant National Park.

Image Source: samara.co.za/the-karoo/

For unique experiences, try the The Dome in the Misty Mountain Reserve or NIGHTJAR near Machadodorp, Mpumalanga.

The call for comfort and convenience

There are many other glamping options for those still seeking luxury and adventure but at more affordable rates. These experiences allow you to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors while still relishing in the comfort of superior-quality tenting. From farm stays to mountain retreats, beach breaks and bush, there are refined tenting getaways to suit your budget. While traditional tenting involves some determination and DIY, the glamping service delivers comfort and convenience.  

For some beach sand underfoot – and not in the bed – see what the West Coast has to offer. Suggestions include:

Westcoast luxury tents near Elandsbay, or for a different kind of sand! Khwa ttu offers you the opportunity to experience the world of the San.

Image Source: https://www.khwattu.org

Camping Khapela is another South African glamping adventure service that offers the ultimate ease of convenience tenting. They provide a truly hassle-free breakaway in stunning local locations. The Camping Khapela team provide transport, accommodation, activities, food and drink. So you only need to pack your bags – it’s that simple!

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The sheer number of glamping options in South Africa is mind boggling and we have only touched the surface of what is available. Call us to help you find the perfect spot for you to escape the ordinary and explore the wild in style.